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Talk about anything here not covered in other forums.
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Before you post a thread in this forum consider -

1. Am I posting in the appropriate forum?
There are specialized forums for many things, please check them first to see if your thread is better off there.

2. Am I actually posting something that will spawn discussion?
The forum name is General Discussion. Something like "I like pie" will not spawn discussion, but "I like apple pie better than banana cream because I prefer a greater ratio of fruit to crust. What do you prefer?" will.

4. Am I following Rule 12?
"12. NO duplicate threads
When creating a new thread in any given forum, please run a search (in all forums) identifying whether or not the thread of your choosing has been previously discussed. Tieing into rule #11, please do not bump a previously discussed thread unless your input is highly relevant. For example, adding an update to the July 2005 London bombings or announcing updated release information for Mortal Kombat action figures are considered appropriate thread resurrections. "Stating your opinion and ignoring all previous responses" bumps however, will be considered a rule #11 violation. For example, replying to "Who's your favorite character" or "Who would win a fight" threads are not worthy bumps. To reply to these types of threads without being warned for bumping, please refer to the DMK Classic Threads forum. If you are unsure whether your response is permitted outside of DMK Classic Threads, please ask the Forum Staff for permission."

Please also make sure you are not asking something that is covered by the FAQ or other site info.

5. Does my thread cover an appropriate topic?
"Rule 3. NO inappropiate material
Gore, pornography, illegal subjects such as roms, warez, etc. are all strictly forbidden. This website is public domain, and we will not let the foolish acts of another allow it to be shutdown."

Other things to avoid are personal information, NSFW (erotic, pornographic, or just plain TMI) content, flaming or bashing a group of people, rumors or gossip about members (including yourself), posting for the sole purpose of disturbing people ("grossing them out") without a proper warning, airing problems with members or staff (PM people you have a problem with), and posting anything you would not want your mom/aunt/grandma/principal/boss to read.

Repeated, purposeful posting of inappropriate content or convincing someone else to post inappropariate content will result in warning and then a temporary ban.

Thank you and happy posting!
- Kali
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