Happy Birthday Dave!

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Happy birthday bud! No matter how many years go by, you will always be someone without whom the Mortal Kombat community wouldn't have gotten to where it is today. Thanks for creating this wonderful place!

I hope you have a great cake day.
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Ali Mohsin
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Happy Birthday Dave have a great time enjoy n God bless u . thanks for bringing this site back.
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Happy Birthday Dave! Finally hit the big 3-0! From what I read is that the thirties are the new twenties for guys. Thanks for making the place which has not only been great for Mortal Kombat but just a kick ass place on the net.
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Holy Grail
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Hapi Burfdai D! Thirty is awesome mate so ignore those old man jokes and enjoy a drink or five! Have a great day champ! :clap:
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Dave Rosteck
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Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Never would of thought I'd still be here and playing MK into my 30's!

Got a cool present.. Wireless Headphones for my sound system. Now I can play MK as loud as I want and not piss anyone off. :laugh:
Dave Rosteck
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