GaymerCon 2013

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Now as many of you know, I am gay... I'm also a gamer. Put those together, you've got yourselves a "gaymer" =D lol. I, somewhat recently, joined another forum, and one of the threads caught my eye so much! It was about a gaming/electronic convention dedicated towards gaymers such as myself and some few others known here too who aren't as active. ;)

I'm very stoked about the idea itself and even more stoked that it is actually happening! BUT! I am SUPER STOKED to say that yours truly, will be going! :clap: =D Now, this isn't just for gaymers, but their supporters, LGBT allies, friends, family, hell... everyone is welcome! Now normally when I try to describe something, I tend to leave info out so I'll just post some quotes here :) :

[SIZE="6"]What Is Gaymercon?[/size]

[SIZE="5"]GaymerCon is the first gaming and geek lifestyle convention with a focus on LGBT culture.
On August 3 & 4th, 2013, we will gather together to create a fun, exciting weekend of gaming, geek culture, tech talk, development, and even some partying. GaymerCon is open to all and we hope to make an experience that will be meaningful as well as exceptionally exciting and fascinating.

And my favorite!

[SIZE="6"]Why GaymerCon?[/size]

"Gaming" is gargantuan, billion dollar industry - and despite its enormity, there still lacks an outlets for alternative gamers in the world. It is equally as hard for publishers to connect with and reach out to that audience.

Gaming is a common shared experience that helps us escape, educates us and helps to define who we are and want to be. Gay, Black, Latino, Lesbian, Asian, Kinksters, Women, Transgender, Bi, Nuns, Swedes, Hipsters, Browncoats, Trekkies, Xbots, Robots, Holograms, Dwarves, Lawyers and Monsters #everyonegames

I think that sums it up very well, yeah? Well, all of you know I support it, but of course there are some people who don't support it. Prime example being the Westboro Baptist Church. They've already made some derogatory tweets about it:



Talk about filled with hate.

Anyhow, I'd like to get your opinions on it. Support it? Don't support it? Why or why not? You know the deal. Discuss =)
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