DMK: What should we do next?

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Holy Grail
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So as part of our revamp, we're slowly filling in the gaps of content - which at this point are many and numerous!

While the staff always have ideas and stuff to work on, sometimes, we're like a dog chasing cars - it's a little hard to focus on just one!

So we're throwing it open to you - if you could pick one area of the site to be completed, what would it be? An MK4 guide? Deception's Konquest Mode? MK9 Videos? Reviews of MK Legacy or the old movies? Full staff profiles? New banners?

While all of these (and more) are in the pipeline, we'll try to full-fill any requests if the demand is there.

We'll even post news updates that will go to our Twitter, FB and YouTube channels to tell the world what's been completed.

Help DMK as much your site as it is ours!
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Big Smoothin
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I believe that the DMK ought to keep up with the newest Mortal Kombat news and make some guides and playthroughs. All of of other websites tend to focus on things like that. The site should also specialize in doing the same for older Mortal Kombat games as well because many people love to play them.
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Wow, Big Smoothin. Welcome back bud. Great to see you drop by!

Thank for the input. Our number 1 and 2 priorities are:

1. Updating (and modernizing) all of our Game Guides from Mk1 - MK9.

2. Covering the upcoming Mortal Kombat game as best as we can.

So at the very least, we're working hard on these two elements of the site.
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