...::::::::~ The Special Forces/Outerworld Investigation Agency Headquarters ~::::::

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...::::::::~ The Special Forces/Outerworld Investigation Agency Headquarters ~::::::::...

Outerworld Investigation Agency

A salute to all.

This is the newly-formed Outerworld Investigation Agency base here at MKN.are looking for recruits willing to be a part of our highly-respected group of elite fighers, strategists, and gunners with one intent: eliminating threats within and outside our home world. If you think you have the qualities and skills necessary to be a feared name throughout the realms, then we urge you to accept our initiation. Before long, you will triumphantly be calling yourself a member of the most powerful organization throughout existence, and will be on your way to rising through the ranks and achieving a renowed position in our Agency.

What Is The Purpose of the OIA?

The Outerworld Investigation Agency is an organization made up of only the most skilled combatants and strategists this world has to offer. Each member of the Agency has a special forte, and each agent contributes to the overall good and success of the organization in their own way.

Our goal is to crush all who may threaten our empire, Earth-born or not. We are constantly sending our agents to other worlds to secretly scout the
location and be on the lookout for any possible conspiration or plots against Earth. Once a threat is located, the Agency works together to plan out its demise and set a violent example to all other beings who share a desire to place our world in peril.

We have many bases throughout the world, and all have a similar set of rules that all agents must abide by. Obviously, it's no different here. We have 5 simple rules we ask all agents to follow known as the "OIA Laws":

1. "Disrespecting or declaiming those above you is strictly forbidden. All OIA Agents are equal, but respect is demanded of all toward his or her subsequent superiors, for every agent receives the same chance to rise through the ranks. Lack of such mutual respect is frowned upon, and a punishment will be agreed on."

2. "Apathy toward the Agency is strictly forbidden. You must devote some time to your organization and make your presence known as frequently as
possible. Informally leaving the Agency will result in proper punishment."

3. "Lack of effort is strictly forbidden. Your contributions to the Agency (posts, comments, ideas) should be substantial and reflect your pride in your current position. We want to feel as though you really are one of us, and not passer-by."

4."Altercations within the Agency is strictly forbidden. Settle your differences outside of the base. Continuous verbal assaults or otherwise will result in eventual expulsion."

5. "Betrayal and poor display of loyalty is strictly forbidden. You may not join another clan while you are a Special Forces/OIA member, and you may not
entrust our ways and private informations with other organizations. Traitors will be prosecuted accordingly."

If you can follow the "OIA Laws", you will be successful within the Agency and will be rewarded in many ways, with both power, commendments, and promotions.


How Do I Join?

Joining the OIA is an easy task if you really do have what it takes. Simply fill out a simple application and send it to me via this unit's PM feature.. If you have an acceptable answer for all questions, you will be welcomed into the Agency and begin your quest. Here is the application: Name: ________________________(Just your name.)
Message: ____________________(Type a message for the rest of the clan.)
3.Name 3 members of the Special Forces Past or Present.
4.Are you familiar with the special forces?
5.Are you ready to protect the earthrealm?



I'm In. Now What?

Once you receive my message saying you're in, I will also ask you to come into the Agency and make a post telling those who are already part of it about yourself. So once you're in, come in, and use the following format:

Name: ________________________(Just your name.)
Message: ____________________(Type a message for the rest of the clan.)

Once you have introduced yourself as a new agent in that manner, I will make a new post formally welcoming you, giving you your respective userbar, and writing you a personal message.

Once that's done, you're golden, and are just like any other current member. What are your goals now? Rising through the ranks of the OIA, successfully completing your given missions and tasks, contributing to the thread with whatever skills you have (drawing, image-editing, writing), and making your presence known and your name famous throughout the organization. Basically, building yourself up as an OIA Agent!


The Ranks of the OIA

We have 6 ranks in the Outerworld Investigation Agency as of now. Please read about them carefully, because they make up the core system of our organization. We'll start from the bottom up:

- Special Forces Lackey
This is the rank everyone starts with. Like I've said, the OIA is composed of an elite group of combatants and strategists. Before you're an official OIA Agent, you must prove yourself to our Special Forces Unit first. When you're a Special Forces Lackey, you'll be evaluated on your participation only. Once I see that you're posting, you're contributing, you're active, and you're eager to rise up, you'll be promoted to the next rank. Special Forces Lackey is the easiest rank to get through.

- Outerworld Investigation Agency Rookie
Right above "Special Forces Lackey" is Outerworld Investigation Agency Rookie". When you're a "Rookie", you'll be evaluated on your skills. I will spend some time with you trying to figure out what your strong points are. Why? Because once you rise to your next rank, you will need to be assigned an OCCUPATION. This occupation will depend 100% on what you've proven yourself to be good at. You will have quite a few options when choosing your occupation. Here are a couple examples:

ENGINEER: the perfect occupation for the artist. As the OIA's engineer, you'll be expected to design many things from a poster, to a high-tech new weapon, to a map showing an enemy location, to depicting a scene from an agent's mission. Some assignments may require you to partner up with an agent who's going on an actual mission in order to aid them with your creations.

WRITER: if you're good with words, this is for you. As the OIA's writer, you will be in charge of all writing-based tasks required by me and the other agents. In your free time, you may choose to write about the OIA's past, our present, or what the hopes are for our future; the options are as endless as your creativity, since any type of work is welcomed and appreciated by your fellow agents. You may also be asked to perform a certain assignment that requires your skill: I may ask you to work with me in coming up with new missions for our agents, for example. You may also be asked to partner up with an agent who's going on an actual mission in order to write out a professional report on how they performed.

SPY: are you intelligent, crafty, cunning? Then you may be cut up to be an OIA Spy. As a Spy, you will be required to keep an eye on all
other clans and keep a tab on what they're planning on doing next. You will report to me or an assigned listener whenever you suspect a possible threat. You may also be asked to partner up with an agent going on a mission that requires information-gathering.

COMBATANT: maybe you're not too good using your mind: maybe your thing is flying fists and boots smashing into the skull of the enemy. Does this sound more like you? Then you should look up the occupation of OIA Combatant. As a combatant, you will only perform when you are assigned a mission. Your mission may require you to travel to another realm with a fellow agent and beat the soul out of a new rival, or just infiltrate an enemy organization somewhere in the Earth and take the life of their leader. You should be ready for the unexpected, for we never know what the new danger is.

These are the MAIN occupations to choose from right now. Of course, more may come up later as I realize some of the agents have strong points that I haven't addressed. We'll work together to make sure everyone is 100% happy and fully enjoys their occupation.

- Outerworld Investigation Agency Special Operative: ___________
You are promoted to an OIA Special Op. as soon as we have decided on your occupation. In fact, that's what that blank line is for. Your userbar will have "Outerworld Investigation Agency Special Operative: _____________", the blank being filled by your occupation. When you're an OIA Special Op., that's when the dangerous work begins. We now know what you're good at, and you'll be evaluated on how you perform when you're given a certain task that calls for your special skill. Be successful and exceed expectations, and you'll rise yet again. Of course, rising from Special Op. to the next rank is considered the toughest.

- Outerworld Investigation Agency Lieutenant / ____________________
So you've proven yourself as the best the OIA has to offer: that means you're now the Lieutenant. As a Lieutenant, you have another choice to make. 1) You can choose to remain with your given occupation and continue to focus only on it and accept the missions that require your occupation's skill. Basically, you can choose to just keep doing what you were doing as a Special Op. OR, you can choose #2. 2) You can forfeit your given occupation, and instead focus on aiding and lending a hand to ALL agents of ALL occupations. Basically, you'll have the power to meddle into other people's affairs (hehe), give your advice, your input, and even participate in missions you want to.

- Outerworld Investigation Agency General
That's as of right now. I don't know if I'll make granting the title of "General" to more agents (especially since Lieutenant holds practically as much power), but all is possible. Don't COUNT on rising to General, though. Right now, the cream of the crop is the Agency's Lieutenant!
-Outworld Investigation Agency Captain
That`s me right now.I have the ultimate power in this clan.I`m the big cheese around here.I will help those who are having troubles.

Anything Else I Should Look Forward To?


1. You can look forward to competitions!
We will work together and organize competitions both within the Agency and between other clans. Art competitions and Writing competitions are probably gonna be the most frequent, so if you're an OIA Engineer or an OIA Writer, be prepared to put your skills to the test against others who share your skills! Prove that you're the best of the best to your agents during our own competitions, and prove that no being in existance can match your skill level in competitions against other clans.

2. You can look forward to Special Missions!
We'll always be dishing out special missions to BOTH the agents who have an occupation and agents who DON'T yet have an occupation (so that you can prove yourself). Missions will be RP-based. I will debrief you on a certain situation that needs taking care of. Then, in a First-Person Fan-Fiction-Type of Way post the actions you're undertaking to complete your mission. For example: let's say I have located a group of fighters on another realm who are planning to invade Earth and assassinate our leaders. Then, let's say I choose YOU (and maybe a partner) to kill these fighters before they find a way to reach Earth. I will give you a first step to complete, like "Travel to South America and find the location in this map inside the Amazon. You will find the location of one of our portals. Enter it and it will lead you to the target realm". You would then make a post depicting how you acted: how your journey went, the troubles you encountered, how you found the portal, etc. If you've performed in a satisfactory manner, I will you give you the next step. Your success will depend on how tactical you sound on your posts. Did you prove that you're intelligent? Did you prove that although a certain task was difficult, you overcame it? Did you sound believable in your posts, and didn't just write "*goes to ____ and kills ____"? All this contributes to how well you performed in a certain task, and how much your success will help you in ranking up..

3. You can look forward to Meeting New People and Just Hanging Out!
It's not all work, people! Feel free to chat with other agents. Spar with each other to test out your skills, and prepare yourself to make the best Mission-Posts possible. Explore the base. Whatever you wanna do here in the Agency, you can! (Don't take that statement TOO seriously, heh.) Meet new people and make friends: they may help you a lot on a particularly hard mission, or just put in a good word for you when they rank up .



Sounds good? Of course it does! Now fill out that application and send it to me, and let's start your journey in the OIA!

Oh, and remember our Motto:

"To Destroy Any Threat, One Must Be More Ruthless Than The Threat Itself."

... So be tough in and out! No whiners or wusses!
Outerworld Investigation Agency Missions:
I made up a story about Sonya Blade.And the mission will include every friend enemy clan there is in this mission.You are apart of the OIA.(You must be a OIA rookie and higher to particapate in these missions.Okay Here`s a little of my story you all need to digest," the Gods held a meeting with all the leaders and gave us detailed plans about what they wanted to do to prevent an all-out war between our forces and theirs.plan seems alright, but he did recently reveal some info about one of our most powerful enemies. It turns out that Raiden helped give Meat (or ``General Mitharos'' as he calls him) all of his training and God-like power. He said Meat's future was undecided and that he could've been an amazing force for the good guys, but wound up serving Onaga instead. You need to do any thing to get to your objective.Good Luck soliders.
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