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“Sometimes you have to know where you’ve been in order to know where you’re going.�This quote was in my head as I wrote the history of DMK. There is typically one elementary reason why one would write about the history of something: you want a retrospect of the past in order to more fully realize your future.Since returning to the Mortal Kombat community in September 2010, DMK has been in a period of recuperation. Initially, we just launched our discussion forum as a "thank you" to our fans. However, we longed to return to the forefront of the Mortal Kombat community and launched a full content venture in April 2011. Admittedly, we got a little ahead of ourselves and like it or not, DMK has been a shadow of its former self since returning. For almost two years now, DMK has essentially only existed as homage to our great fans.BUT that's all about to change in 2013. You may have noticed a recent surge in activity the past few weeks and it isn't just a big coincidence. We decided to stop trying to become something we're not and put the focus back on what it is we do best: Mortal Kombat. More content, more emphasis on interacting with our fans, and most importantly offering a Mortal Kombat experience that no other fan site offers. And in order to accomplish that, we had to make several changes to DMK internally.First, I’m extremely excited to announce the full-time return of founder Dave Rosteck! Dave will be reprising his role as Webmaster once again. In this role, Dave will be managing the day-to-day operations of DMK as a whole, overseeing all content and media, and handling our social media, advertising, affiliates and public relations. Welcome back Dave!With that, I (adamDMK) will be stepping down from managing the site’s day-to-day operations and take a more Systems Administrator/Technical Director role. In this new role, I can put 100% of my focus on working with the codebase, continuing to develop our front and back end, integrating new technologies, and directing any new site features or redesigns.If Dave returning wasn’t enough, I’m also extremely thrilled to announce the full-time return of Holy Grail! Grail will be taking on the role of Managing Editor and will be revamping all of the Game Guide sections, overseeing new site features and graphic design directions, and most importantly getting the Mortal Kombat (2011) game guide up and running. Welcome back Grail!Last but certainly not least; frkonalsh2003 will be taking over the role of Senior Editor! FRK will be handling the majority of the news workload including posting the latest Mortal Kombat news and updates as well as undertaking various MK related content writing projects. We’re elated to have FRK on board.Over the next several months and beyond, DMK will be rolling out new content and features. And now a taste of things to come…

  • First and foremost, DMK migrated to a bigger and better server last weekend. With CentOS 6 Linux, more disk space, more physical memory, and more virtual processors, DMK provides our users with the best possible experience when browsing our site.
  • Next, DMK will finally be more actively involved on all of our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We’ll be interacting with our fans more and bringing DMK to the masses. In addition, instead of reinventing the wheel - we’ll be partnering up and affiliating with other sites that offer unique Mortal Kombat content to bring Mortal Kombat fans from across the world together.
  • Also, in an unparalleled service to our fans – DMK is modifying our code and layout to be “responsiveâ€?. To sum it up, DMK’s infrastructure will respond to the needs of our users by adapting to the width of the device you're using. So essentially, DMK will work fluidly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Forget about lugging around that heavy hardcover Mortal Kombat game guide, pull out your iPad and fire up DMK’s game guide!
  • Finally, Holy Grail and the rest of the staff are hard at work on the Mortal Kombat (2011) game guide. It’s a massive project to say the least, but upon completion it will truly be an experience that no other Mortal Kombat fan site can offer. More details to follow.
To kick things off, DMK is excited to introduce our printer-friendly “Ultimate Mortal Kombat 9 Guideâ€?! Just to note, the guide is an exceptionally detailed text guide - but it was released prior to several big patches including changes to the properties of the moves. The guide was created by our good friend scorpio – so please be sure to visit his website ( and follow him on Twitter (@shinnox). Thanks scorpio!So please stay tuned to DMK (friend us on FacebookÂ*and follow us on Twitter)Â*as more details about our future plans will soon emerge.
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