I'm back (for now, at least)

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Skilled Kombatant
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This is my first post in like 3 years. I was around briefly after this site's return, but mainly due to inactivity, I decided to leave the site. I have joined two other Mortal Kombat sites since then (TRMK and Kamidogu, both of which I haven't stuck around all that much. I am also considering making a return to Kamidogu though). With the announcement of MKX, I decided to return.
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Holy Grail
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Hey hey welcome back! Yeah it's been a little quiet here but with MKX coming, I'm sure it will pick up soon enough. :clap:
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Dave Rosteck
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WB! Hope you decide to stick around.
Dave Rosteck
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Master Kombatant
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Welcome back. I'm a member at those other two sites, but I haven't there in ages, especially TRMK as I forgot all about that account, lol.
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Welcome back KF!
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Skilled Kombatant
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Hey! Another oldie!!! Welcome back again KitanaFan!! =D
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