Gun Control in the US

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Ok so I'm an Aussie so I'm on the outside looking in here, so keep that in mind.

Australia has some of the toughest gun laws in the world. This was as a direct result of our largest mass-shooting event that happened in Port Arthur in 1996. Some madman shot and killed 35 people for no apparent reason with a veritable army of automatic weapons. The PM at the time came down like a ton of bricks, banning automatic weapons outright, and making it extremely difficult to even own a gun without costly registration and detailed paperwork. Since 96, while there are still people killed with guns, no shooting even has even come close to Port Arthur. And yes, there was outcry from the pro-gun people here at the time, in the end, how can you argue with the stats?

I simply don't understand why, after one tragedy followed by the next, the US gun laws are not changed. How many innocent lives does it take for people to change their view?

Perhaps the bit of this I don't understand is the history of guns and Americans. Right to protect my home, the constitution and all that. I also know that the NRA is a powerful group that could decide presidential elections if poked with a stick. Perhaps someone could explain this to me in more detail because I find it baffling how a group that wants to put GUNS in everyones hands has this much sway in a society where these same guns kill thousands of Americans every year.

Each time there's a massacre, the President of the time talks tough, but nothing seems to change. Obama doesn't seem much different. Is the refusal to make changes to the law simply a political one to extend their term in office? Or is there more too it that this Aussie doesn't get? Please understand, I'm not 'having a go' at anyone but as someone rather removed from it all, I really don't understand why it is the way it is.
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