You Crazy Mormons!

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Hmm interesting...

I woulda never guessed that black people were just people who couldnt decide whether to side with Jesus or Lucifer.

This cartoon was banned by the way just as a heads up.

I know religion is such a touchy subject and is discussed a lot throughout these forums, but I just truly dont understand how people could believe this over just about any other religion. (Other than scientology of course)

Anyways discuss... Im interested in what you all think about this video.
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I absolutely love this cartoon. I saw it once and couldn't find it again. Thank you for posting it. Clearly, this video is absolutely ridiculous- I can't conceive anyone believing this is true.
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... well that's racist. Wow.

Divorcing your spouse? No one can deny that THAT'S harsh. So it's not okay to be a polygamist, but when you're a god you can have 'celestial sex'? Interesting...
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[color="DarkOrange"]Wow that is pretty weird. Not everyone can be god just for being good. And they sure do like having sex don't they? "Be good and you can have sex for Eternity!"[/color]
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pimpchimp wrote:[color="DarkOrange"]"Be good and you can have sex for Eternity!"[/color]

[color="DarkOrchid"]Well, I'm sold. Sign me up.

Anyway, I'm surprised they made an educational video about this subject. It looks like one of those educational cartoons they showed you back in middle school but haven't been updated since the mid-'70s. And when the Hell did Native Americans fight friggin' Romans?!

This reminds me of that episode of "South Park" that talked about Tom Cruise and Scientology. I mean, the whole time this video was playing I was expecting big white letters saying "THIS IS WHAT MORMONS REALLY BELIEVE" to show up on the screen.[/color]

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