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In many parts of the world, the practice of taking on multiple wives is commonplace. There are several possible reasons for this practice. Sometimes it’s based on culture and religion or maybe even economics.

As a Catholic, I believe that marriage is a sacred commitment intended to be between one man and one woman.

What are your thoughts on Polygamy?
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I honestly don't see anything wrong with polygamy, provided that both the husband and the wife agree with bringing in a new spouse. If it's a purely one-sided decision, then I don't believe that it's right, and rather unfair, as it creates a tense competition of affection.
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[color="DarkOrchid"]I don't really see anything morally wrong with polygamy. All I know is I have a tough enough time getting one woman to maintain a romantic interest in me. So I guess if a man can handle all the estrogen flying around, then let him have an extra wife or two.[/color]

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When i have a partner, is MINE and mine alone, i wouldnt accept wasting my time, energy and affection of someone who has me as "no.23".
I do think its wrong, for there cant be two no. 1, and a couple is meant to be no. 1 to you.
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Muslims practice polygamy. I think It is not wrong, at least morally. If someone likes to have more than wife, he can freely do so.
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Nothing wrong when a guy brings another wife in the family if the last bored him...
Hell,he should've knew that it's gonna happen when he married her at the first place...
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