Is manmade global warming a lie???

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[color="Red"][SIZE="2"][font="Book Antiqua"]I just got back from a day of pampering at an all exclusive 2 the stars VIP only spa in Manhattan.

I figured, hey finals are over, I need to de-stress and relax and that's what I did. At first the lady was like "theres nothing to do on your face its already perfection", but then I insisted that she proceeded.

Anywho... I've never heard any good argument as to how exactly we are the cause of global warming. Not one. Usually I ask people and they'll go off on some rant about something melting or getting hotter, but never make a point on the actual question i asked.

Does everybody think manmade global warming is real? [/font][/size][/color]
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Double post?

Anyway, yes man made global warming is real. I even saw something on TV about colonizing Mars, and they said they would have to warm up the planet and they said it's basically the same way man is doing it on Earth now. Of course the Earth is warm enough so we don't want that, but it's definately a legitimate concern, and if we keep this up, our planet will end up like Venus, and life won't be able to survive on it.

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