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So I'm having an argument with my dad about what were to happen if there is a World War 3. So what do you guys think if it ever were to happen? I like my family, believe it would take place in America, 1st.because it hasn't happen and its the only continent that hasn't been phisicaly affected by any WW and its likely is won't be because of an European country made the problem.2nd I believe the US would cause war not because of whats happening up on Iraq but because it has made great enemies through time. The use of atomic bombs would obviously increase and new kind of weaponry would be used. I just have to say poor Mexico and Canada.
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It would probably have something to do with Iran or North Korea.There's already enough tension anyways.
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There are enough battles around the globe, that If a worldwide conflict would start, we would surely become extinct...
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*sigh* war is not as it used to be. Instead of armies being pitted against eachother in a battle of tactics, firepower and sheer determination, they are now only a side thing compared to all the major countries hovering over that big shiney red button which will end all life... thats no war, its genocide!
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