Blackface meet Whiteface?

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Before you read this thread, if you dont know what Blackface is, I suggest you read whats in this link.

Ok so now you know what Blackface is, and how clearly racist it is as well. Well I want to bring up what I've seen lately in culture what I've dubbed as Whiteface. I've seen two instances (Im sure theres more) in the media where a Black person has put on a lot of white makeup on his face to appear to look like a White man and certainly act in the stereotypes of White people. Now wouldnt this make these two Black people racists? I sure would think that is does classify them as racists.

Well the two people Im talking about are the comedian Dave Chappelle, and the rapper from my hometown Chamillionaire.

Evidence of Chamillionaire's Whiteface

Evidence of Dave Chappelle's Whiteface

Anyways, just to clarify, I in no way am offended by this, I actually think Dave Chappelle is hilarious and Chamillionaire is one of my favorite rappers. I just find it somewhat hypocritical that they have done this. Because you know if say Adam Sandler made a movie where he was in Blackface and somehow it got greenlighted, you know that Black people would be crying out "Racist!" but its okay for Dave and Chamillionaire to do this which is pretty much exactly the same as Blackface.

Anyways after reading this I just want to know your opinion. Are Dave and Chamillionaire racist hypocrites for doing this? Or is it okay for this Whiteface to be allowed on television?

To me they are no different than the people who did Blackface back in the day.
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Interesting topic. I kinda knew a little about Blackface, but I didn't know it was called that. I think it's a shame that people used to do something so blatently racist back in the day.

Getting to your other point, no I wasn't offended by this video, but I gotta say...if black people decide to make racist jokes against white people, then they really can't be offended if we do it back. However, is the joke is said without hate in the joke tellers heart, then I guess it's all okay. It's only when you're saying it to be mean that it becomes a problem.

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