If you could be an Mortal Kombat character...

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Ermac.... who wouldnt love to have the powers of telekinisis, better senses and levitation???
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I would want to be Sub-Zero, Ermac, Scorpion, and Raiden. Sub-Zero because he can freeze people. Ermac because he has telekentic powers. Scorpion because he is a ninja. Raiden because he is cool.

Scorpion yelling COME HERE and GET OVER HERE i could spear fish and barbecue them with my fire breath TOASTY!!
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i would be scorpion
cause he can appear anywhere plus he is a ninja with great fire bending powers
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Hmmmm.....I would be Cyrax, Reptile, or Kintaro. Cyrax because he has those little microbots that eat flesh and bone. Reptile so I could scare people and spit acid everywhere. Kntaro because he is about 2x stronger than Goro and still fast. i would not be Onag because he is to dang slow even though flying would be cool.
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I, of course would be Shang Tsung. Think of thepossibilities with his morphing ability!
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i would be Shao Kahn but i'd be better off as Lu Bu :)
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I'd either be Noob Saibot or of course obviously Reptile!

Who doesnt want acid spitting powers!? :dancing:
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I'd be Raiden, I'm an electromaniac and I wish I had electrokinesis.
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