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Name: Abaddon
Age: Since the birth of the Netherrealm
Place of Origin: The Netherrealm
Alignment: Evil
Allies: None
Enemies: Everyone, Specifically, the Brotherhood of Shadow
Appearance: 7'7, Red-and-Black Skin, with cracks of lava running across his skin, with an aura of Malignant Energy surrounding him, Gargantuan, bloodied horns, glowing red Eyes, a heavily fanged mouth, with Cruel, ancient features. Flames for hair. Claws and hooves. Huge Spines run across his back. However, most of his body is covered in Black Armor. Bat-Winged, something like Onaga's Wings.
Fighting Styles: Hapkido, Netherrealm, Pi Gua, Oni.
Weapon: Huge Fucking Greataxe, known as "Sindrinker"

Bio: Abaddon is the Oni of Destruction, hatred, an rage. He was realised from his prison in the Netherrealm. Abaddon was placed there via the Brotherhood of Shadow, who saw him as a threat to Shinnok's power in the Netherrealm. He was kept in a massive, Sarcophagos-like Chamber, said to only open to those who are intrugued by the Chamber. The Oni who released him was a grunt guardsmen, who was exploring the Netherrealm for his master, who, in tern, was looking for a place to keep the increasing Zombie population. After Opening his Chamber, Abaddon ripped the Guard apart with a single look, as if he was being torn apart by unseen hands.

Abaddon is extremly nefarious and power hungry, and can absorb a being of Significant power. He is one of Lucifer's underlings, said to be the 2nd in Command. He tried to destroy the Brotherhood, though was stopped by Noob Saibot, who locked him in the Chamber, formally used as his meditation Chamber. He is realised, at an unfortunate for all, he is angry, hateful and destructive, and his only goal is to Destroy the Brotherhood of Shadow and Shinnok. He is resentful of everyone, deeming them unworthy of being in the same Reality as him, and wants to destroy and remake the Realms in his own image.

Ending: After defeating Blaze in Mortal Kombat, Abaddon absorbs his soul, and becomes omnipotent. His status rises to that of a The New One Being, however, he not weaked by Vampyric needs. He is omnipotent. He slays the Elder Gods when rips a hole in Reality, and immidiantly Searches for the brotherhood of Shadow's final hiding place: The Core of Earthrealm. He finds the Remains of the Brotherhood, including Quan Chi and Shinnok, in a Palace of Stone, in which he immidiantly razes and Rips apart the Two Warriors, and continues to Devastate the Clan. He later Remakes the realms into something similiar to the Netherrealm, just more creative, and torturous.

Fatality: The Sins of the Father:
Abaddon calls for the Sins of the Players ancestors, which form a Black Pentagram on the ground, while Simutaneaously ripping him apart, while the Pentagram rises up, slowly stripping Flesh from Bone, in a hailstorm of Organs and Blood.

Torture of the Netherrealm: Abaddon precedes to rip the Opponent's Spine out, set it aflame, and start lasing them with it, then he shoves it down their throat, then he precedes to hack off what remains of the Kombatant's left and right side with his axe, leaving but a mere Head, with a Flaming Spinal Cord stickout of it's mouth, down through the Torso, and shredding the Stomach.

Hara-Kiri: Storm of the Damned:

Abaddon calls up the Spirits of the Damned to form a Living Storm Cloud, sending down stalks or Lighting in the area, electricuoting him, while, at the same time, Utilizing the Wids of the Dead to Rip the Flesh from his body.
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i know theres already one but its closed so i couldnt post on it so i made a new one


Age: 80 but immortal

Sex: male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 186


Costume:similar to sub-zeros but a lighter blue


Hair:covered by a mask

Special Features:spiked shoulder plate



Allies :no ob,cyrax,smoke


Special Moves:ice freeze,ice grenade,ice spike,dragon freeze

Fatality one:freezes opponent sweeps his legs off takes his heart out rips off his head and chucks it at the rest of the body

Fatality two:trips his opponent freezes his legs to the ground stomps on his legs then his head

Bio:My brother subzero had requested to battle me in mortal kombat but scopion had killed him before are battle and i did not hesitate to kill scopion, but i failed and was dropped dead. In the netherrealm i was doomed after dying in a battle against reptile. in the underworld my brother noob gave me eternal life he had formed an alliance with smoke and now cyrax. Now we set off to destroy blaze
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Name: Breeze

Age: 47

Sex: male

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 215

Origen: Earth Realm

Costume: Sub-Zero Head, classic SZ Body, and Raiden legs But Blue.

Eyes: Special

Hair:covered by a mask

Weapons: Ice Caber

Style:Shotokan, Hapkido

Allies: Sub-Zero, Smoke, Raiden

Enemies: Noob-Saibot

Special Moves:Ice freeze,Ice Switchblade,Ice spike, Ground Slide

Fatality one: Chops off legs and uses legs to cut off arms ands breaks head off.

Fatality two: Freezes Head Break It Off ands shatters it.

Bio: (So Far He's Sub-Zero Cousin.) More Coming soon.
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[color="Seagreen"] whoa...well... heres mine..
Name: Jackie, Edward
Age: 21
Sex: female
Height: 5"4
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Origen: Earth Realm
Alignment: Good
Costume: Kenshi, Kung Lao, Sonya, Bo' Rai Cho.
Style(s): Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Nunchaku

Bio: She was first this little brat that got pick on in her childhood. But all the change for this young girl when she was 14; she ran away from home because she couldn't take it any more. Then she found this place to stay for a while, but that morning she saw a man in the park out back. Only when she found out it was an old man practicing Karate. And so man found out history about the young girl. And he knew that she had potential, and with that he taught her Karate & Tae kwon do. And later on she found a willing guy to teach her Nunchaku.

well...thats all i can think up right now...but i think its pretty good....for my first time .-^^-.[/color]
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Name: Rain (Rainhardt)
Age: 13
Alignment: Good
Allies: Rain, Cyrax, Sub Zero, Ermac
Relatives: Scorpion, Shao Khan, Goro, Shang Stung, Quan Chi, The Dragon King, Shinnok, Baraka

Bio: After Years of training in Rain entered the mortal kombat tournament to compete with the worlds best, Little did he know this was a matter of life and death allying himself with other combatants to stay alive, he later became the champion.

Styles: Muy Thai, Dragon, Sun and Rain Swords

*Special Moves*
Crimson blow, Fireball, Teleport Punch, Super Rondhouse Kick

Rain pulls out his swords and gouges them into the enimies stomach stabbing them in their intestines thus blowing up the opponent

Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 120 lbs.
Height: 5' 9""

“Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.”

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I'm going to create Terry Tsurugi, The Street Fighter(played by Sonny Chiba).In one of the Street Fighter movies, Terry rips a guy's genitals off, and pops another guys eyes out with two punches to the back of the head.Perfect Mortal Kombat candidate.
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Name: Abraxis
Age: 27
Alignment: Evil
Allies: Shinnok, Reiko
Enemies: Quan Chi, Liu Kang

Apearance: 6"2, long black hair (Sephiroth style), glowing sky blue eyes, Black and gold platemail boots, dark blood red gi bottoms, black and gold plated gauntlets, Reiko style shoulder gaurds, black and gold. A tatooo of the symol of the brotherhood of shadow on his chest.

Bio: Abraxis was a soildeir in the armies of Lord Shinnok, however after Quan Chi's betrayal and his master's defeat, he was sent back to the Netherealm. There, Shinnok killed many of the army for being incompetant... Abraxis was one of the few to survive. After spending years getting into his lords good books once again. He was made his right hand man. His first mission, find and kill the trator Quan Chi and the warrior monk, Liu Kang.

Styles: Mix styles of Sambo, Hua Chuan, Tai Tzu and Mi Tzu (Mi Tzu stance), Spiked Club

*Special Moves*
Thrust Kick, Slow forceball, Fast forceball, Shadow Clone (Like Ice clone, but with Noob Siabot's disabler effects from MK:T)

Fatality1: Uses a powered version of his thrust kick to kick away the upper body of the opponent (Chest and arms) the head is spinning in mid air, he takes his club and swats it away. (Reiko's MK 4 fatality expanded on)

Fatality2: He holds his opponent up byt the throat, he puts his other arm on their shoulder and pushes down, causing a spine rip fatality.

Hara-Kiri: Takes his own club and smashes himself in the face with it

Ending: Abraxis locates Quan Chi in the Netherealm and quickly aprehends the sorcerer... with limited powers, he was easily subdied. *Picture of Abraxis thrust kicking Quan Chi into a wall in the netherealm*

Abraxis brought the sorcerer before Shinnok, so he could judge him for his crimes... death was to be his punshment. With his revenge out of the way, Shinnok and Abraxis now can work on taking the realms in the name of the fallen elder god! *Shinnok using the 'Hand from hell' fatlaity from MK:4 on Quan Chi, with Abraxis smiling nearby*
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Name: Ozzy
Age, 35
Status. Rock Singer
Allies. Baraka, Kung Lao, Randy Rhodes. Sub Zero, Kitana(Wife) ,Kintaro, Rain.
Foes. Raiden. Lui Kang. Goro
Allignment Neutral
Foghting Styles: Broadsword, Tae Qwan Do,
Fatality 1, Reverse Annimality, Turns Opponent into a dove and Bites Their head Off
Fatality 2 OVer Kill, Calls all of his Allies and they Beat the Crap out of them in an ultumate Brutality
special moves
Bat Swarm : summons bats and they swarm the enemy and the Bite them
Bat bitter: Grabs a bat out ot pocket and Bites off it's head to give him 10% health bonus
Sing : SIngs a song and then the opponent is deaf and you get a free hit
Story, Born in Buminghanm Eangland but was sent to a martial arts camp in Japan and was the best Sudent to his Teacher Shao Khan. after that he made His First album as a solo artest called "Raiden Must Die" and it Sold 15 million Copies in Outworld alone.but he then learned of the the Threat of Armageddon so he then retuned to Sub-Zerro one of his greatest Friends and he helped him remember How to fight. now he must help the good people win Amageddon.
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Name: Sergei
Age: Unkown
Status. Revolutionary
Allies. The Spirit of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, The Spirit of Che Guevara, Scorpion, Darrius
Enemies. The Burning Spirit of Adolf Hitler, The Dragon King, Human Smoke, Sub-Zero, Hotaru, Raiden
Allignment: Neutral
Fighting Styles: Systema, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Fatality 1: Opens hole in chest, rips open heart, places small C-4 in right ventricle, detonates bomb
Fatality 2: Calls forth the Spirit of Vladimir Lenin, Che Guevara, and Scorpion arrives, Scorpion rips off head, V.I. Lenin rips off right arm, Che Guevara rips off left arm, Sergei rips off leg and impales enemy with leg

Special Moves
Summon Dragunov SVD : Summons a Dragunov SVD and you have 10 seconds to severely injure enemy
Help of Mother Russia: Mother Russia drains 40% of the enemies health and gives it to you (You must have only 20% health left)

Born in Moscow, young Sergei was interested in the tournament known as Mortal Kombat. After he finished his Marxist studies, he learned the Russian martial arts known as Systema. He practiced until he became an expert, but he was also interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Wanting to travel to Brazil to see his friend, he learned the martial arts in São Paulo. After he fought against some of his old enemies, he joined the Mortal Kombat tournament after hearing about Armageddon. He fought his first battles in the good name of Mother Russia, to save his home land.
We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it.- Ernesto Che Guevara

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Why the hell would Lenin be an ally? He was a horrible person who killed the royal family of Russia.

Thanks to JaL for the awesome sig.
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LMFAO, soviet vladimir, VLADIMIR secret revolutionary death attack....FLAWLESS, LOL, quick CHE, o well i guess ther are many allies in earthrelm.

NAME: Hell Retro, known as HR.
STATUS:ninja.[like scorpion and sub-zero]
ALLIES:Sub-Zero, Smoke, Rain, Cyrax, Lui Kang.
FOES:Noob-Saibot, Sektor, Baraka, Quan Chi, Scorpion.
FIGHTING STYLES:Sword, Retro flame atacks, Hell above.
FATALITIES:Inferno emplode[slams fist into oponets head and releases a fire atack.
APPEARANCE:6"5, long brown hair, light orange ninja mask, light orange ninja suit, hangs out with the new lin kuei, fights alone usually, no puples.
MISSION:To officialy kill chameleon.
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Name: Octo

Age: 15,506 years old.

Status: Shokan

Allies: Shao Kahn, Kano, Sheeva, Kintaro, Goro, Motaro

Foes: All who Oppose.

Allignment: Evil

Fighting Style: Crab, Wrestling and Trident

Fatalities: Constrict, Slam to the floor and impale trident in face.
Appearance: Similar to other shokans except he has eight arms, a mutation at birth suggesting evoloution yet in the Shokan race. Dreadlocks tied back and Long Beard.

Thanks to FABIO THE BAD for the sig
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fighting style:muay thai
weapon style:halberd
bio: nobody knows where this person came from somehow he has the power of wind he is in the lin kue but sub zero thinks he might be a spy sent by a enemy the black dragon clan
so sub-zero is watching him
clothes:white short sleeved shirt white baggy pants white ninjamask(like sub zeros) nothing is covering his hair
hair: purple medium hair
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Name: Michael Myers
age never ages
Foes: None
Allies Jason Voorhees
Fighting Styles : Butcher Knife/ Scalpel
fatality 1: kneck cutter, grabs opponets head and slices their neck to the bone
Fatality 2: Head Ripper, Grabbs opponents head and quickly pulls their head off and trows it to the ground
Special moves
knife toss throws his knife at opponent and then you have to throw opponent to get knife back
Impale stabbs Scalpel into opponents leg and they bleed to death
furry stabbs Repeatedly stabs opponent with his weopon

when he was a child he was forced to kill his older sister Judith and was then cursed with Thorn but while on the search for his family he wass thrown into a portal to outword and he killed Shao Khans army. So Knan was to exicute him when Jason Voorhees came from behind him and sliced him in half with his machete, so now Jason was to help Myers kill his family but he needs to find a way home first.


Name: Jason Voorhees
Alliance: Evil
Fighting Styles: Machete , Metal Spear
Race: Demon , Cursed Soal
Allies, Scorpion Baraka Shao Khan, Shang Tsung
Foes Tommy Jarvis, Tina Shepard, Kung Lao, Kitana, Goro, Liu Kang
Fatalities: Machete Decapitation, Jason's Tribute to his mom's death
Spear Ripper, Impales opponent with his spear and rips them in half.
Hara Kiri , Kung Lao Hat Steel, When Fighting Kung Lao only jason grabs his hat and throws it in the air and it cuts him in half.
Once and innocent child who was murderd at a summer camp, Jason was forbidden by Raiden and the Elder Gods to enter the Hevens so was sent to the Netheream. he had no Idea where he was so he hunted down the demons in a near by City but was capptured by Scorpion who tryed to stop him by blowing him up, but was mesmerised by his heart so Scorpion consummed it and wased cursed by Jason and Scorpion then Relized that Jason was in fact his own child and Jason's soal was Traped in him but Jason couldn't transform Scorpion into his own body so Scorpion Opened a portal to Crystal Lake so Jason could get into his Sister's Body and become himself again. He Succeded and now Jason Left Scorpion and Took Revenge on his Death and killed over 160 People and was recruted by Shao Khan to be in his Army and he Accepted his Offer as long as he Could Return to Earth and continue his revenge. Because Jason Could never Die, Shao Khan's Army is now Un Defeatable and now Jason will Turn on Khan and Become Emper of Outword and Win Armageddon.
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Name: Santo Verspucci
Age: 56
Status: Sicilian Serial Killer
Allies: None
Foes: Shinnok
Alignment: None, though widely considered to be Malign
Place of Origin: Melilie, Sicily.
Height: 5'11
Weight: 190 LBS.
Appearance: Completley Bald, with his Ears Loped Off, Aged, Stressed Face, very lined. Eyes, Stabbed out . Leather Straps covering Numerous Parts of his body, one Divides his Face in half. He wears a Heavy Coat, very Classical-Reinassance Looking, and dons Tattered Cotton Breeches, and wears old, torn up working Boots.
Fighting Styles: Karate, Shinto Ryu
Weapon: Schiavona
Fatality: Knife Toss: Santo Pushes the Enemy Forward, Throws a knife into the part of his brain which Controls Spinal position, Posture, and Movement, which renders them Immobile, then he throws knives into the Eyes, Heart, and finaly, Blankets the Opponent's Chest in Knives, turning them into a Bloody Pulp.
Fatality 2: God's Wrath
Santo uses his Shiavona to carve his Enemy into a the sign of Cross.

Bio: Santo, like all Sicilians, cares deeply for his Family's Honour and his Religion. As a Child, he and his father, Gino, studied Martial Arts, and was interested in Joining the Martial Arts Tournament known as "Mortal Kombat." His father, when coming home from Mass, encountered a "Golden Figure Bathed in Virtoue of God," he believed he was seeing The Archangel Michael, completley Oblivious that it was Shinnok, who offered him "Luck in the Coming Tournament, in exchange for your Help in Custodianship of Heaven." Gino, being Gullibe and Naive, instantly Agreed, and left on a ship to Shang Tsung's Island. He was killed by Tsung in the Tournament. Santo, full of Grief at his father's Death, vowed to win Back his Honour by becoming the Champion of Mortal Kombat. He to was blind to the fact that the Manipulator was Shinnok. He has trained for 20 More Years, and now ready to fight. He loses, and flees the Island before his soul is Komsumed by Shang Tsung. Furious with his defeat, he falls into Self-Induced Delirium, Hallucinations, and Schitzophrenia, imaging the Voices of his Family blaming him for his Failure. He goes mad, and slowly slaughters the people of the village, including his own mother, hoping to silence the voices, he chops off his own Ears, leaving but a hole in his head. He stabs out his eyes, finally freeing himself of the hallucinations. He practises self-Mutilation to distract himself from their blaming Cacophany. They do not heed his call. They make him more Wrathful, delirious, and Wild. He trains for 20 more Years, until One Day he is Approached by "Archangel Michael" who offers him power at the same cost. Santo Agrees, but it is later revealed to him by the Mysterious Man calls himself Raiden, whom he also happend to have a Knife at his throat, struggles to reveal that this "Power" is really a curse, hindering the victims's Fighting Ability. Enraged at Shinnok's Deception, Santo swears by the Blood of his Mother and God that he will slay Shinnok and Shang Tsung. Because of his Blindness and (Near) deafness, Santo is a very Aware and Disciplined Fighter.

Ending: After Defeating Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat, he stands victorious on the Island. Shinnok, Furious that he has won Somehow, Materializes in front of him. Santo instantly puts his Sword Through his Throat and kicks him in the Ribs, down into the Pit of Spikes that Surronds the Arena where he and Tsung battled. His father may finally rest with his Honour, and the voices stop.
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this seems fun!! lol ok let me see

Name: Flora

Allignment: Good

Allies: Sub-Zero, Elder Gods, Lui Kang, Kitana, Chameleon

Foes: Shinnok, Kintaro, Goro, Shao Kahn

Stances: Mi Zong, Pedal Sword

Attacks:Pedal Bomb, Leek Pole, Flower Stance, Sweet Scent, Double Stance, Teleport

Appearance: Flower Kimono, Flowers in hair, Medium long hair, Brown hair, Brown eyes, Not fat, Braclet, Kinda White not to White

Flora, A once elder god of Flowers has stepped down from her position to aid the earthrealm warriors. Many mistake her for being to weak because she is a girl they dont think that once there dead....The weapon she carrys is known as the pedal sword it gives her imense power and abilitys. Later she finds a woman named Frost she then allys with her in the struggle to save Earthrealm. But when in the battle between Khameleon and Reptile, Frost amushes her and freezes her arms and legs to the ground.When about to be slain in the Living forest out of a puff of smoke Chameleon appears and defeats Khameleon, Reptile who had fled. Flora was greatful, but realized..Frost was gone. When out of the living forest Flora is encountered by Lui Kang and Kitana. Lui Kang is asking for Floras help in saving Earthrealm and all the realms from Shinnok and Shao Kahn from reawaking the One Being. Raiden and Fujin allied as well. While in out world Sub-Zero reports of Reptile coming out of the Living Forest then realizes Frost was with him. When Flora explains what has happened Sub-Zero was shocked. While in Outworld the group of warriors assembled: Sonya, Jax, Johnny Cage, Kitana, Lui Kang, Jade, Raiden, Fujin, Chameleon, Flora, Cyrax, Kenshi, and Sub-Zero. When in a secret meeting place in the Outworld palace they were ambushed by Goro and his Shokan, Flora defeated most of the shokan along with Kintaro. Kitana then asks why has he betrayed them. Flora then kill Goro using her sword. She now is allying the good in fighting Shinnok and Shao Kahn and now recently.........Blaze

Hell_Retro wrote:LMFAO, soviet vladimir, VLADIMIR secret revolutionary death attack....FLAWLESS, LOL, quick CHE, o well i guess ther are many allies in earthrelm.

NAME: Hell Retro, known as HR.
STATUS:ninja.[like scorpion and sub-zero]
ALLIES:Sub-Zero, Smoke, Rain, Cyrax, Lui Kang.
FOES:Noob-Saibot, Sektor, Baraka, Quan Chi, Scorpion.
FIGHTING STYLES:Sword, Retro flame atacks, Hell above.
FATALITIES:Inferno emplode[slams fist into oponets head and releases a fire atack.
APPEARANCE:6"5, long brown hair, light orange ninja mask, light orange ninja suit, hangs out with the new lin kuei, fights alone usually, no puples.
MISSION:To officialy kill chameleon.

lol ummmm i think hell retro is evil lol cause on the site it kinda says he is and ur taking it from ther ;)
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Name: Ira

Age: To many to even count.

Place of Orgin: Edenia

Alignment: Good

Allies: Sheeva, Kitana, Jade.

Enemies: Tanya

Hair: White

Eyes: White


Since she was born everyone knew she was diffrent from everyone else. She grew most of her infant life alone but because of that she uncover her powers. Her avility to control water did not just gaved her strenght nor confidence in her self but a friend. Sheeva and her made a good frienship because both of them knew how it feels when people would stare at them for there diffrencess. Years past and both of them were still friends but war was approaching. Both of them were given an army and were one of the first ones to leave Edenia to began the fight out in Outworld. She and Sheeva won battle after battle, protecting each other in name of Edenia. When everything appeared to be getting settle they found out that Tanya as betray Edania. With those news Sheeva was send back to Edenia to protect Queen Sindel. A few months past and Ira had done all she could do in Outworld. When she came home for some rest ( the war still going) she founds out that Sheeva and Queen Sindel were takken by Tanya. With that she swear to not stop until she finds both the Queen and her friend and for that to happen she most killed Tanya.

A year past end she hasent found Tanya nor her friends. When she returned to her home she founds a hard battle between Jade and Tanya. Jade was kicked out by a powerfull blast from T leaveing Ira and Tanya alone. Ira with out thinking run in named or Queen Sindel, Edenia, Sheeva for a final battle. Even do she fought with honor she wasnt prepare. When Tanya was about to do her finishing move Jade took the fight back given Kitana time to rescue Ira, Kitana took her to a place where they meet Khameleon nxt to a open portal. Kitana told her that she needed to come back when she was ready and for that Khameleon as been choosen to aid her on that quest. Ira left hopeing that her's and Sheeva's destiny would end up save.

Wow! I think that was the longest think that I have wrote in here. If you would you tell me if the bio and ending was good or bad.
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Name: Omega

Age: 19

Place of Origin: born in Earthrealm

Alignment: Good

Allies: Subzero, Smoke

Enemies: Sektor, Mavado

Height: 6'0

Weight: 260 pounds

Appearance: can use the liquid metal within him to make a suit of armor, appearing somewhat like Gray Fox in Metal Gear Solid or like Colossus from X-Men, but with a mohawk.

Special Moves:
Liquid Lunge: Omega turns into a blob of liquid metal and rushes at his enemy.
Slide: like Frost's move in MK:DA
Spikey Spin: Omega shoots out his blood vessels from his arms, which turn metal, and he spins around violently, slashing his enemy.
Mercury Rising: Omega teleports to the other side of the area. If the enemy steps into where Omega teleported to, he/she will take damage due to the poisonous metallica resdue left behind

Fighting Styles: Kapap (Israeli martial art used by the Israeli Defense Forces and Police) and Duel Pulse Blade

Bio: The son of a Mossad member, Omega was used to war and trechery. It was no surprise that when he turned 18, he began to work for the same organization his father did. His father was working on a mission in far away Japan to stop the upstart crime organization known as the Tekunin. Omega wished to go with his father. At first, his father feared for his son, but then realized that he had been trained for quite some time now adn was very adept at martial arts, and also needed experience. The two went and assaulted the Tekunin airship with some other comrades in arms, not knowing the surprise they'd be in for. They knew that the Tekunin had robot technology, but not cyborgs, and all of them were slaughtered, except Omega's father and Omega. Omega was gravely wounded, but not without causing killing many of the Tekunin and even wounding Sektor. Sektor was impressed by Omega and offered him a place in the Tekunin. Omega took the offer because Sektor would kill his father if he didn't. Sektor used newly discovered biometal to transform Omega into the first biometal cyborg and gave him the codename Omega (his real name is unknown) Eventually, Omega snuck his father out of the country and run away to Siberia, the home of the Lin Kuei. Knowing of the Lin Kuei's fight against the Tekunin, Omega met Subzero and told him what had happened and of the great threat the Tekunin posed to Earthrealm. Subzero decided to make Omega an honorary member of the Lin Kuei and gave him his first mission: retrieve Sektor's plans of the biometal project as well as any other information he could find. When he would return, the Lin Kuei will unite to destroy Sektor once and for all.

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Age: Unknown
Place of Origin: Secret Labs in Netherrealm
Alignment: None (against all)
Allies: Sektor,Cyrax
Enemies: Ninjas
Height: 6'0
Weight: 285 pounds
Appearance: Like Cyrax and Sektor,but green
Special Moves:
Exploding Net (like' Sektor's net from MK:3,but explodes)
Kenpo Slash-(like Baraka's special with arm-blades,but only slicing with arms
Deadly Liquid (like Sub Zero's freeze attack but this 1 covers the opp. with liquid which burns him)
Copy-Copies a special move of a random char.
Fighting Styles: Kenpo,Mantis,Arm-Cyber Blades

Bio:Since he was made he was living without emotions.He learned of Sektor and Cyrax and searched for them.Helearned of the robot's enemies and join them in hunting down ninjas(Sub-Zero,Scorpion,Ermac...)With powers even to Sektor's he is now off to kill ninjas.

Ending-The final ninja has been founded.Ermac against CS-8.CS-8 wins and gets the power of ninjas.Ability of Freeze,Fire Skull,Acid etc.
He now kills his so-called friends and rules the Realms.
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Name: Kayne Durac
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 238
Allignment: Formerly evil, now good.
Allies: Scorpion
Enemies: Quan Chi, Ermac, Reptile, Sub-Zero, Black Dragon.

Born in Chaosrealm as a swordsman, trained and allied with his former Shirai Ryu
Partner Hanzo Hasashi. After he heard the news of Hanzo's brutal death, he was furious, filled with grief and terrified. Quan Chi gave orders to kill Kayne Durac as well. Kayne fought Quan and thought he won. But Sub-Zero teleported before Kayne, and fought him. Kayne was tired, weak, his mortal bones were shattered, but he still had one bit of strength in him. He jumped in the air with his sword, but Quan Chi quickly jumped up, and launched a flaming skull directly at Kayne. Kayne hit the floor. Sub zero stomped Kayne through his chest, resulting in Kayne's death. He later revived in the Chaosrealm and took a visit to the Netherrealm. He encountered Ermac where he fought him because of a conflict. Kayne fled. Kayne was bleeding horribly; he lost his left arm in battle. He joined the Black Dragon clan, in his membership, he was trained by Kabal. Now a dangerously skilled warrior, Kayne Durac set off to find and kill Quan Chi, and Sub-Zero. His former master then confronted him: Kabal. In a false show of friendship, Kabal then attacked Kayne. Kayne fought Kabal in a bloody fight to the death. Kayne Durac impaled Kabal, and then Kabal fell to his knees. Kayne lifted his sword above Kabal's head, and slammed it half way down Kabal’s head. Then the rest of the black dragon clan attacked Kayne and failed. Kayne was enraged at the Black Dragon Clan's sudden betrayal, and fled to the Netherrealm. Later on he made a reunion with his old friend formerly known as Hanzo, but now known as Scorpion. Scorpion then told Kayne what happened to his mortal life. Kayne knows that Quan Chi killed scorpion as well as him too. They agreed to partner again just like old times to destroy Quan Chi.

Kayne and Scorpion fought their shared enemy Quan Chi in a horrible 2 on 1 battle. All three combatants are bleeding badly. There near death. Scorpion fought Quan as his partner Kayne laid in a pool of blood. Soon Quan Chi’s flaming Skull Atack forced Scorpion to the ground. Then Kayne forced himself off the ground, and drew his sword. Kayne and Quan Chi fought a violent sword fight. All you can hear was the crashing of the 2 swords, and the dripping of the blood splattering on the red-hot Netherrealm ground. Then, Quan Chi kicked Kayne Durac and Kayne fell to the ground. Scorpion threw his spear, which hit Quan chi. As Quan Chi was pulled towards Scorpion with great velocity; Quan's sword impaled Kayne Durac who was in the way. Scorpion and Quan Chi fought a long battle while Kayne laid on the ground. Scorpion was beaten half to death but Kayne Durac got up, pulled the sword out of his chest and got ready for his final move. Kayne flew up in the air. Quan Chi looked in the red smoke filled sky of the Netherrealm. Slash! Kayne landed on his feet with his sword and a second after Quan Chi split from his head down. Kayne had killed Quan Chi! He ran to Scorpion who had been trying to recover from the pain of Quan Chi's intensions. Soon, Kayne fell on the ground. Scorpion ran and held his fallen partner in his arms. Kayne said, "Scorpion I helped you defeat the enemy whom we shared. I have completed my task. Farewell my friend" Kayne stopped short and died in Scorpion's arms. Scorpion looked at his partner with enraged eyes."NOOOOOOOOOOO" Scorpion was enraged of his friend's death. Scorpion later returned to Chaosrealm with his dead partner's corpse to burry him in his alternate home realm.

Speical Moves:

Spirit Spear. Kayne throws a ghostly spear similar to scorpion's bloody spear, which goes through the opponent's body draining the health of him or her, and adding more to Kayne's.

Landing sword. Kayne jumps up in the air with his sword in hand and lands slashing his opponent while landing.

Happy Feet. Kayne hops on his opponent's shoulders, jumping up and down on them repeatedly 3 times and kicks his opponent dead in the face before hopping off.

Thank you for smoking.
Kayne uses his fire abilities to produce smoke. He impales his opponent in the lungs with his hands and fills them up with smoke untill his opponent explodes in a ball of blood and smoke.

Whippin': Kayne sticks his hand in his opponent, pulling out his/ her long intestine. He repeatedly whips his opponent with it till they explode.

Hara Kiri
Kayne rips of his arm and impales himself in the stomach with it.

Fighting Styles
Weapon: .Kama
Zi Ran Men aka Death Dance

A red undead ninja spectre, hopes this graphic explains enough:
Primary Costume:
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Name: Nihilius
gender: male
age: 24(when dead)
place of origin: Netherealm(foramllly earthrealm)
alligment: evil
allies: Shang Tsung
enemys: Quan Chi
apperance: black ninja suit, skull mask, stealth hood and cape
fighting style : mian chuan, tang soo do
weapon: palse broadsword
special move:
spear: scorpion spear move
sai throw: throw out a pair of sais toward his enemy.
what goes up: throw his sai into air and sais land on top of enmy and create a explosion
serpent of fire: he fires flame into ground and a serpent come up from below the enemy.
serpent of fire: create a serpent of fire like shang tsung did in MKD intro and after fire dissapear, what in place of enemy is just a puddle of blood.
shatter: stab enemy like a madman with his pulse broadsword, though enemy were still intact and beg for mercy, he kick them and they shattered into pieces.
Hara kiri: he throw his sais up and sai land on top of hiss head and exploded, leaving behind a headless body.
story: Nihilius is once a black dragon, serving deadly allience with full loyalty. but as Raiden suicede in an attempt to destroy dragon king, he not justappear to be killing his master, but Nihilius too, atleast he thought so. As he began to regain a physicle body in netherrealm, he met.......Shang Tsung, who reveal that it was actully Quan Chi, the traitor to deadly allience who had planned to take the army all by himself since the biggining. After he learn this, he formed an allience between scorpion, sub zero, Ashrah, Nihilius, and some earthrealm worriors to destroy the socerrer. he will not be sttoped until Quan chi was killed and his soul can finally rest!

Nihilius finally caught up with Quan Chi after a long seek for his revenge. but as he charged at the soccerer, his twisted skull face cracked, the shadow that made him dissapered into the thin air of Netherealm, and at last, a explosion blew up Nehilius and knocked every one in the area( Ashrah, Quan Chi, scorpion, sub-zero and some earthrealm worrior who really hateds Quan chi)
away from their life, and all remain standing is a black dragon who Nihilius once had been.
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Real Name:Hugh Sive
Weight:240 lbs.
Home:The graveyard
Friends:Shao Kahn
Good or Evil:Evil
Fighting Style:Shotokan,Pi Gua,
Weapons:Hookswords,Pi Gua Knives,Katana
Story:I am Nightspirits.I am a wander from the graveyard.I`ve spent most of my years in the graveyard trying to find a purpose of life.I was a former assassin for Sub-Zero the Elder until he killed me in cold blood.He left me for dead and put a cyro,half male half zombie mask on my face to cover up my disemberment.When 500 years passed,I had been resurrected by Shao Kahn.Shao Kahn asked me why I was dead.And he gave me a chance to get my revenge.Chance to kill the elder Sub-Zero.Chance to get my life straight.When I was searching for the elder Sub-Zero,I had some flashbacks that took my life apart from me.I was no longer Hugh Sive,the funny,loving,caring man.I was nightspirits, prince of the underworld!
Special Moves:
Web Spin:Tooken from Kabal,Nightspirits morphs into Kabal and does his Web spin on his oppoppent leaving open an easy attack.
Spinning Hooksword:Nightspirits takes out one of his hookswords,and throws it at his oppoppent.
Knife Catcher:Nightspirits takes out his Pi Gua knives and aims them at his oppoppent`s chest and throws it at the body part.It stays there for the rest of the round forcing blood to spill out.
Hooksword Savage;Nightspirits takes out both of his hookswords and then goes near the oppoppent and savagely attacks his oppoppents body until they blow up from to many punches.
Ending:As I was getting ready to finally move away from my past life,I spotted the elder Sub-Zero talking to Sub-Zero!When I ran from behind to attack Sub-Zero the elder,his younger brother Sub-Zero stopped me from attacking him.He savagely picked me up by the throat and tossed my back into the portal for which I came into.I thought to myself that this wouldn`t be the end they saw me.
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