Super Bowl Highlight?

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No I'm not talking about the game - who watches it for the football anywho? We all know it's about the ads and the trailers! :p

Ok so I'm biased but the Transformers 4 was pretty speccy - glad to see all those Dinobot rumors finally pay off. I don't expect it will win any Oscars, but it will be one fun ride.

The Captain America trailer was, kinda what I expected it to be. Maybe I'm suffering a little Marvel fatigue but all the trailers seem to blend into one after a while...

The one that impressed me the most, was the Spidey one. Never been really into the webslinger but this time I kinda feel like Garfeild is actually being true to the character, instead of all grim and serious. Plus, the trailer is epic in legnth and content.

Then there's this little gem which wasn't even aired at the game but still makes me laugh.
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Maybe it was just me, but, most of the commercials this year seemed rather... sullen. Maybe sullen is a bad word, but more serious than usual? I remember in previous years laughing a lot more... or at least enjoying them more.

Regardless, the highlight for me this year was RadioShack's brilliant "The 80's called" commercial:

Maybe I'm a product of the 80s, but I really enjoyed that one above all else.

I was looking forward to the Full House and Seinfeld reunion ones - but those two were big old piles of Meh for me. I probably just expected more.

As far as the movie trailers - I agree about Transformers. It sure looks fun! It also nice to see a true action movie leading man (Marky Mark) instead of damned Shia in a Transformers movie finally.

I enjoyed the first Captain America movie probably more than I should have - I'd even say it might have been my favorite Avengers solo film. But I agree 100% - it's just more of the same. To me all of these movies are now just 2 hour, $125 million commercials for Avengers films. Hopefully after Avengers 2 - they scale back on these films a bit. But with them now scraping the bottom of the barrel with Ant-Man and Guardian of the Galaxy it doesn't appear that way.

Spidey 2 does look good! As much flack as this incarnation of Spiderman initially got for rebooting it so soon... I'll say that this version is just so much more authentic to the comic book/cartoon series.

I actually was impressed with Darren Aronofsky's Noah trailer:
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