Karate Kid 2010

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Watched it twice in 3 days and more and more I'm beginning to realize that the people who made this know their old-school KKid film well. The first half is effectively scene for scene from the original, only changing what they needed to for the move to a Chinese setting. But it does enough different things in the latter half to have the film stand on it's own two legs. Jayden Smith is pretty kick-ass for a 12 year old actor but when you look at his lineage it's hardly surprising. Jackie Chan is like a fine wine - he gets better with age. :)

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I really enjoyed it, it was a fun popcorn flick. When I first heard about KKid being "re-made" I definitely was a bit skeptical. Not so much because of the change of location setting... and I thought Jackie Chan was the only choice who could convincingly play the "Mr. Miyagi" custodian-turned-sensei mentor... but I felt Jayden Smith was too young and the story could only work in a high-school level age setting. But I was proven wrong as Jayden Smith blew me away with damn good acting skills and made his role very believable where you were literally rooting for him... much like Ralph Macchio in the original. So kudos to him on a job well done.
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I still haven't seen the movie (here was released only 1 month ago) and considering that I generally don't go to the cinema I'm going to wait the DVD version for watching it. In the beginning I was a little upset about this remake, but after seeing that Jackie Chan would be present (and after seeing the trailer where he tries to catch the flies with the chopsticks) I changed my idea. I hope that my expectations won't be betrayed (and your comments make me hopeful).
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I haven't seen a lot of movies lately so out of all the movies that have come out in the last 2-3 months I wouldn't say this would be my first priority, but it is on the list of movies to see. My parents and little brother went to see it though and they all loved it.
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I saw this movie on my birthday, and while it was better than I expected, I still feel the same way I did when I saw the trailer. Basically, I felt this movie was very unnecessary as the other Karate Kid movies are just fine. I saw this movie mainly for Jackie Chan, and he definitely does well in this movie. I don't really care for Jaden Smith as an actor, but maybe he'll develop into a good actor in due time.

One of the things that I really liked about this movie was that you get a bit of an insight into everyday life in China. You simply see people living their lives instead of having some kind of romanticized spin. The scenery was great, and I suppose it can be argued that the martial arts in this movie probably has more authenticity than in the other movies.

Overall, it's a decent and harmless film.
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