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Dave Rosteck
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So this happened a while back but thought I'd throw it on here as well. I finally joined a real band earlier this year (not with a guitar duet like before) and we've been making some pretty good progress. That said, we completed our first demo which can be viewed here:

Keep in mind the sound quality is pretty bad (hence it being a demo haha) as we're still learning the art of mixing. Other than that, we've been told we resemble the sound of Nirvana and a little Linkin Park.

So.. what'd ya'll think? :]
Dave Rosteck
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Skilled Kombatant
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Glad to hear you got a band going! I could hear the Nirvana influence at times too which isnt a bad thing at all. Keep up the good work!
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Awesome Dave! It's great to see you in a "real band" finally. And you're drumming is excellent as always. As Razor mentioned, I do hear the Nirvana influence in there. I also hear a little Godsmack (early 2000s).

Best of luck with your band!
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It is such a nice demo for me, i enjoy it so much, there are so many different type, different skill you can see this demo, this demo is very attractive for every one, in this demo you use the different idea and that is so good for your demo.
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