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CHP1: Evil plan

Two men wearing ski masks enter a drug store. They look around for a few seconds, before coming to the front of the store. One of them pulls out a gun aiming it at the head of the man who stands behind the cash register. The individual tries his best not to show fear; but it is possible he may not survive this encounter. But hearing of situations as the one which presents him; cooperating is probably the best thing to do.

"Alright old man, you know what the hell we want. Fill this bag up!" One of the thugs yells.

He throws a brown bag onto the table. Being frightened, the guy behind the cash register opens the safe. He fills the bag with money. One of the criminals grabs the bag, and the two quickly exit. Running across the street, they get into a car. The one who gets into the drivers seat starts up the vehicle driving off as fast as they can.

"Aaah, would you look at all this money! The boss will be proud with us." The guy in the passenger seat yells excited for what they've accomplished.

The man driving just smiles, not saying anything. Hearing a thump on top of the car both men's eyes widen at the sound. The guy in the passenger seat roles down his window, with a gun in hand. Instantly, he is pulled out of the window. He is surprised to see the hero in tights.

"I hope you fella's are planning on returning that money. Come on now, you should have known your friendly neighborhood Spiderman would show up." Spidy says in a cheerful tone.

He webs the thief to the top of the car. Spiderman gets in the car, through the passenger window.

"Hey what sup, your partner is a little webbed up right now. Why don't you pull the car over, that will make it easier for us all." Spiderman suggests.

"Spiderman!" The guy yells, pulling a gun from his pocket.

Spidy kicks the gun out of his hand; webbing the criminal to his seat. Spiderman moves over and steps on the breaks; he then removes the keys stopping the car. Minutes pass, with the police arriving to find the two men webbed upside down on a light post. Spiderman swings on his web through New York City, in his blue and red tights. He comes to a stop, at the top of a sky scrapper. He digs in his suit to pull out a cell phone, and dials a number. It rings for a bit before someone answers.

"Hey Tony it's me Peter, what is it you wanted to tell me?" Spiderman asks.

On the other line, Spidy can hear the loud noises of machines.

"Hey Tony are you still there?" Spiderman asks.

A few seconds pass.

"Oh hey Peter, you should turn to channel 2. The world wide voting for the greatest hero is almost done. They are just waiting on the votes from Beijing and Wyoming." Tony Stark tells.

Spiderman pauses for a second.

"You called me for this? I thought it was something important, why did you call me about this?" Spidy asks confused.

"They just announced that the winner will be the poster boy, for a new world wide security system. I'm just letting you know you made fourth place." Tony Stark tells.

Spiderman's heart rate speeds up.

"Are you serious; is there an official third place yet? Who are the three ahead of me?" Spidy asks.

"The beauty Wonder Woman, Superman, and Captain America, are the three ahead. It's going to be close; it's on a few channels." Tony replies.

Spiderman looks down at the city, to see two men beating on one guy.

"Hey thanks for the update Tony, but I really have to go." Spidy says in a hurry.

The two hang up.

City miles


A woman walks in a dark alley holding her belongings close to her side. The moonlight is about the only reason she is able to see in this dark part of the city. Before moving here she's done her research, fully knowing about the many maniacs and criminals which lurk in the city in which some say is un savable. But that will not scare her off; depending on the business agreement with her company will determine how long she's going to stay. Crossing the street she steps over a set of newspapers which are eventually blown out of sight. Continuing to walk, she is surrounded by a group of laughing men.

"Well well, I think we just got lucky boys. She sure is a pretty one." A guy says, licking his lips.

"Please don't do this, I have money. Besides if you even touch me you will be hearing from my lawyers." The woman stands tall not showing any fear.

She has an idea what might happen if she doesn't get out of here right now. Two men come up from behind her, throwing her to the ground. They hold her down, while she struggles to free herself. Another guy bends down, and starts cutting her skirt off. Quickly ripping it off, she is slapped in the face to keep quit. The remaining men form a line behind him. Seeing this her eyes widen as she now puts all of her strength in trying to break free!

"Now to get rid of these." He says, looking at her panties.

Something comes out of the darkness at a fast speed, hitting one of the men in the head. The guy falls to the ground with everyone else looking around taking their attention off the woman. The guy picks up the object that hit him; Having an instant shiver run up his spine as goosbumps form on his arm seeing it's bat shape. All men step away from the woman pulling out their pocket knives and daggers looking in all directions. Just as he has done so many times before he glides down taking out his first victim!

"The Batman!" A guy yells, pulling out a gun.

Rolling out the dark knight throws a Bata rang, knocking the gun out of his hand. Batman runs over, and knocks down the two men who were holding the woman down. jumping over the woman, putting himself in the middle of the remaining men. They all try and attack him at the same time. The blades on Batman's gauntlets slice into the face of a guy, who falls to the ground blood shooting from his face. A guy stabs a knife into Batman's side. The dark knight yells out in pain; but sucks it up knowing he has felt much worse. He quickly removes the knife. With the passing of seconds he eliminates the group of thugs. The woman still with tears in her eyes, runs up to Batman pulling him in for a hug.

"Oh thank you, I just moved to Gotham. I guess the legend of the Batman is true." The woman says, crying into his chest/body armor.

"It will be ok now, the police are on their way." Batman replies trying to comfort her.

Standing in place for a few moments longer he does nothing, just letting her get rid of any and all tears she may have. Slowly freeing himself from her grasp he walks over cuffing all criminals making sure none will escape before the police can arrive. After doing so he turns back to the woman questioning her on why she was attacked. Explaining that she just moved to the city gives him the conclusion she was attacked at random. Waiting it out the police force soon arrive to the certain area.

"Hello commissioner, make sure she gets home." Batman says, pulling out his grapple gun.

Pulling himself to the rooftops he travels to higher ground where he can patrol the city more therally. The men are arrested and taken away while the woman answers questions which are asked by the Gotham police force. leaving the scene, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. This has always been a good way to warm himself up for any action he'll get himself into in close combat. While doing this the communications piece in his ear buzzes. Before answering he grapples up onto a dragon statue before answering.

"Hello master Bruce, I'm calling to let you know that Ms. Kayla has called for you three times. She seems to be worried about you, after your sudden break up." Alfred tells.

Batman just stands there for a little bit, looking down at the dark city. Shaking his head at the sight of a drunk driver just agitates him. Some may wonder how he knows, but the way the vehicle drifts all but confirms this.

"If she calls again, tell her I'm away on business." Batman finally replies.

"Ok sir, will do." Alfred replies.

"I'm getting someone on the other line, speak with you later." Batman says, switching over.

"Hello Batman, you need to get to Metropolis now! The Justice League needs you." A female voice yells.

Wait Metropolis? What is so serious that they need his help, shouldn't the man of steel be more than enough. Aside from that Gotham seems to have a few extra trouble makers out tonight.

"Diana I'm busy at the moment, I'm sure you guy's can handle it." Batman rejects.

Gliding down to a lower rooftop he makes his way closer to the speeding vehicle running at full speed leaping onto yet another building keeping pace.

"Please Bruce we need you, Superman and Green Lantern are currently on a different mission!" Wonder woman yells again.

Pulling out four batarangs he throws them having almost perfect aim flattening three of the drunk's wheels watching the vehicle crash into a stop sign.

"Please Bruce?" Diana asks, but in a soft almost seductive tone.

A smirk grows on Batman's face.

"Ok, I'll do it just for you princess." Batman says in a sarcastic tone.

"Ok but hurry." Wonder woman replies.

Batman ends the transition. pulling a device out of his utility belt, pressing in his coordinates. Waiting over a few minutes the bat plane arrives 20 ft above his position.

Worlds away

The champion of Mortal Kombat himself stands in the middle of a ring with Kung Lao opposite to him staring down one another.

"Ready, begin!" Some one yells.

Liu Kang shoots a fire blast at Kung Lao, which hits him in the chest. The blasts force, knocks Kung Lao to the ground. The Shalion fighter is quick to get back on his feet. Liu Kang jumps into the air to kick Kung Lao, but his kick is grabbed. Kung Lao throws Liu Kang to the other side of the ring. He lands on his back, but Liu quickly flips back up. Kung Lao runs over and begins fighting Liu. The two throw kicks and punches on each other.

"Time! That will be enough." Another voice says.

"Lord Raiden!" Liu Kang says with a bow.

Kung Lao also bows down.

"It's good to see the two of you training hard, as the tournament is in two days." Raiden says.

"Yes of course, I know the two of us will be ready. As you know, the Mortal Kombat tournament is not to be taken lightly." Kung Lao adds.

"Good, I will see the two of you later." Raiden says.

The thunder god is quick to disappear in a blinding flash of electricity. Liu Kang heads inside to a work out area, to lift weights. Kung Lao also heads inside, but to take a shower.

In a mountain to the


A table sits out in the open, with target boards facing up on it. A ninja wearing the colors black and yellow, practices by throwing shurikens at the boards. After practicing that for a while, Scorpion continues his training. With a series of one hundred push ups, and sit ups.

Populated city

Miles away

A man wearing sun glasses sits in a coffee diner watching T.V. A door to the diner opens, and it seems to get his attention.

"Hello Johnny Cage, it is finally nice to meet you. I'm the director of the upcoming film you will be taking part in. By the way, I'm Ritchie Edwards." The Director explains.

He sits down next to Cage, who takes another sip of his coffee. The guy wears bright colors which somewhat distracts Cage, but he tries to stay focused on the business which needs to be discussed.

"It's good to finally meet you as well. So when will filming start?" Johnny asks.

Ritchie looks down at his watch.

"Filming will start in the next few weeks. I'm sorry I came in so late, but I have a meeting to get to." But please, take my card." Ritchie hands Johnny one of his business cards.

Ritchie gets up from the table, and exits. Honestly he wonders why Johnny gets up to leave, but a familiar blond enters. She turns and walks over to cage.

"Hey Sonya, what brings you here? You look very beautiful today, you don't usually wear that much make up." Johnny asks.

Sonya blushes for a second.

"Thanks Johnny, I'm here because I heard you were meeting someone. So I thought I'd stop by just to say hi." Sonya says.

"I'm assuming you are ready for the Mortal Kombat tournament that is in a few days?" Johnny asks.

"Yes I am. It was nice talking with you, but I better not keep my date waiting." Sonya says.

She looks at Johnny's face as his smile is quickly taken off. She giggles a bit from his reaction. She walks for the exit.

"With who?" Johnny asks.

Sonya turns around and smiles.

"None of your business." She replies.

Sonya takes this opportunity to exit. Not long after Johnny takes off as well.

Inside a Cave

Miles away

Shang Tsung enters the cave well on guard. He can see a torch giving off light ahead, so he follows it. When he finally reaches the lit up area, he recognizes the person.

"What are you doing here, Shao Kahn?" Shang Tsung yells out.

"The question is why you are here, I was invited." Shao Kahn replies.

"So was I!" But since you are here, I will have the pleasure of killing you." Shang Tsung says, pulling out a knife.

Shao Kahn just stands in place not saying a thing.

"I'm glad to see the two of you could make it, now let's get down to business." A female voice speaks.

Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn are looking around to see where the voice came from. She steps out of a dark corner to reveal herself. Both Shang Tsung and Kahn's eyes widen at her appearance. She appears with long blond hair, Dark green eyes, and breasts almost the size of Power girl. Looking at her overall shape, the two are amazed.

"What's wrong boys, a cat catch your tongue?" She asks.

She wears black boots, and a gray and white suit.

"Are the two of you ready to discuss my offer?" She asks.

Shao Kahn clears his throat.

"Yes of course, let's hear it." Shao Kahn replies.

"Ok good, I will give you a visual while I explain what I want." She says.

"What is your name?" Shang Tsung asks.

Turning to him she throws her head back, so now all of her hair is behind her ear.

"I'm Pythena." She replies.

Pythena creates an energy ball from her hands, she lets go of it and the energy floats upward. It stops at a point, and increases size.

"What is happening?" Shao Kahn asks.

"Show me the Fantastic four?" Pythena yells.

The energy forms a square shape, and a clear image of the Fantastic four in battle appears. They are fighting a huge robot. Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung focus in on it.

"They are the Fantastic four; I called the two of you here because I want you to help me destroy them." Pythena tells.

"That guy on fire looks really tough." Shang Tsung adds.

"Oh yes, human torch he is a hottie. Show me the Titans." Pythena says.

Titan's tower is now on the screen, with Kid devil and Ravanger sitting on a couch.

"The teen titans and Fantastic four are a minor threat. I really need the two of you to help me destroy the Justice League and the Avengers!" Pythena says aloud.

Pythena goes through footage of both the Avengers and Justice League, with Kahn and Shang Tsung. She snaps her fingers with the energy window disappearing. The two men are silent for awhile. Shang Tsung breaks the silence.

"How do you expect us to kill them all? And what is your full plan? Also, what's in it for us?" Shang Tsung asks.

Pythena tells them her plan to take over the planet, once the heroes are destroyed. With them all out of the picture there will be nothing to stop her from ruling over everything.

"Also, don't worry about heroes like Daredevil or Wild Cat, they haven't got any powers. I just want the super powered heroes gone. If the two of you help me pull this off, I have the power to make you the leaders of this world." Pythena says with a smile.

Both Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn smile. Both shake hands with the woman, forming an alliance. She explains to the two why she chose them, and her ability to teleport to different dimensions.

"Just to put you both on full alert, you need to be most careful of these sold called heroes." Pythena throws the pick to Kahn.

In the image are Captain America, Superman, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Spiderman, The Flash, Power Girl, Hulk, Thor and Captain Marvel. Both men look at the image.

"Pythena, why don't we all go back to my place to discuss the plan?" Kahn asks.

She finishes putting on her pink lipstick. She licks her lips and turns to face the two.

"Good idea, plus it is a bit dark in here." Pythena replies.

The three exit the cave.

Shalion Temple

Kung Lao gets out of the shower and dries off. Liu Kang still trains in the work out room. Liu punches hard and fast on the boxing bag.

Worlds Away

Two men exit a licker store; on there way out another guy accidentally bumps into one of them.

"Sorry about that." The guy says.

The two men put down their bags. Not really having a clear head one of the men throws the guy up against the wall.

"Have the two of you been drinking? Really bub, I don't want to hurt the two of you." The guy on the wall says.

"Too late freak show, next time watch where the hell you're going." The man says, pulling his fist back.

Three blades come out of the guys knuckles, who leans up against the wall. The man lets go of his shirt.

"Hey I was just playing man." The man says in a panic.

Both men grab there bottles of bear, and run off.

"That's what I thought." Wolverine says.

The blades slip back into his knuckles.

Back in Gotham


Batman returns to the cave hopping out of the batplane making his way down the stairs. He stretches out his neck still feeling pain from the blow he received from the giant squid which tossed him into the side of an ice cream truck. Not only that but his lower left rib aches from the punishing blows he took from the android. But hey this is a normal day of life for the Batman, this is what he lives for.

"Hey Bruce, how was patrol?" A voice asks.

Lifting the cowl off his head he continues forward toward the main area of the cave.

"It was fine, what are you still doing up Tim? It's like 4:30 in the morning." Batman asks.

Tim turns around to face Batman.

"I'm doing some research on this mob boss, I think I might know where he will strike next. And when he does, Robin will be there to take him down." Tim answers.

"I see, but I think it is time we both call it a night." Batman adds.

Walking past Tim he enters into the dressing area where he undresses. Taking off his upper uniform he bends over a bit putting his head into a sink running the water over his face. This sure has been one long night, but he doesn't mind he prefers it that way. Fully undressing he takes a quick shower. When done he steps into a white robe made of smooth polyester. Exiting out of the back room he travels up to the manner with Tim by his side.

To be continue
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