Steve Ritchie's Voice Acting: MKII vs MK3

Discussion of the past MK games (MK vs DC Universe and earlier).
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Dave Rosteck
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Been playing a lot of the arcade versions of MKII and UMK3 lately and I just can't help but notice a difference in Steve's Shao Kahn announcing in MKII and MK3. Not that big of a deal but I really prefer the way he announces the character's names, especially Kung Lao and Jax in MKII. And during rounds, especially "FIGHT!" and "Fatality". It just sounds so much more fierce and badass compared to MK3 IMO. However, the laughs and some of the taunts are indeed better in MK3. Anyone else feel this way or even care? :laugh:
Dave Rosteck
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Yeah the MK3 voice is toned down much like the game over-all... :p

I think in part it was mixed or even recorded differently with the limited hardware they had back in the day. But yeah, MK2 voice is where it's at. That said, I'm partial to the MK9 voice these days.
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I like Shao Khan's voice in Mortal Kombat II a lot more than in the Mortal Kombat 3 games. The atmosphere is totally different from the first two games. The original Mortal Kombat was influenced by martial arts films (Bloodsport and Enter the Dragon come to mind). Mortal Kombat II still has that Asian look despite not taking place at Earthrealm. Mortal Kombat 3 was modern and so westernized. It just didn't come off as brutal as the first two.
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