Double Team Fatalities

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or subzero freezes his opponent completely and scorpion melts him to a puddle of water with his flame breath :D
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Here's one that I've had since MKD came out. It is actually a two on two format but it could beeasily modified... Smoke/Noob:Smoke turns into apuff of smoke ('scuse pun) and enters opponent's body. He then he puffs out, so to speak, until the opponent is just about fit to burst. Noob whips his ninjastars at the opponent and then pulls themout. Smoke and blood spurts out of the opponent's ears, as he gradually begins to grow. Noob thenwalks over tohimand covers his moth,eyesand nose in an upright sleeperhold. The opponent finally explodes, shooting the stars at the other opponent, who dies also.
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