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After 10 years, 11 months, 28 days and 13,120 posts... The Official Shoutbox Thread has been closed.

It definitely holds a lot of memories as DMK's longest running thread - so you'll still be able to view the thread - but you will not be able to make any new posts to it. The Shoutbox has been retooled and updated.. so DMK proudly presents our mini-chat (aka "shoutbox")! Located at the bottom of the forum index page, the mini-chat (shoutbox) is the most convenient and quickest way for users to communicate and say what's on their mind.

All of the stuff that made the original Shoutbox thread great can now be done in a more convenient and faster way. As long as you're registered and logged on to the forum - you'll be able to post a message to the mini-chat (shoutbox).

Not registered yet? What are you waiting for... click that register link to join the discussion and discuss Mortal Kombat X with the most passionate fans on the planet.
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Is there a way to fix the mini-chat? For me at least, the last message is overlapped by the Announcement message and the (based on users active) thing.
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